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ceramic and emax crown and bridge and

What are crowns and bridges? Where can I get the best ceramic crown in Pune? 

Dr Bari Dental Clinic is the Best dental clinic to get ceramic crown in Pune. Crown, commonly known as Cap, is placed on a tooth to cover it and protect it from physical and chemical damage. While the crown covers a single tooth, a bridge comprises 3 or more crowns used to replace a missing tooth/ teeth. A bridge takes the support from two or more sound teeth surrounding the missing tooth/ teeth and replaces the latter.

Do I need a Crown?

A Crown is commonly required on molars and premolars after Root Canal Treatment. The requirement of Crowns in the front teeth are  subject to the structural loss happening to the tooth and force factors acting on it.

Do I need a Bridge?

While Dental Implants are upcoming and preferred choice of patients for tooth replacement  these days, a bridge could be explored as a treatment option when there is a lack of sound bone for implant placement, when bone grafting is not indicated, patient has systemic conditions that contraindicate dental implant treatment and cost factors.

How long do dental crowns and bridges last?

Dental Crowns and Bridges have a significantly long life. The most common reason of replacing an existing crown or bridge is gum disease causing receding of gums around the crown/ bridge, decay at the margins of the tooth, food lodgement in gums around the crown/ bridge and damage to the crown/ bridge or to the supporting teeth.

How long does it take to get dental crowns and bridges made?

The process usually takes 2-3 appointments unless any additional procedure like filling, build up of supporting tooth, crown lengthening procedure, etc. is needed. In the first appointment, the teeth are shaped, impressions are taken and a temporary crown/ bridge is placed. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory. When the clinic receives the crown/ bridge from the lab, it is delivered to you and cemented. 

What are the different materials for crown and bridge?

Crowns and bridges can be made in a variety of materials like metal, metal ceramic, Zirconia and emax. Dr Bari Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Pune where we will help you choose the material best suited for your case. 

A number of factors determine what crown and bridge material is best suited for your case. They are – position and location of tooth in the dental arch, remaining natural structure of the tooth, proximity to the pulp, existing decay and fillings, history of Root Canal treatment, missing teeth in adjacent areas, occlusal loading forces, dietary habits, any parafunctional habits and cost. At Dr Bari Dental Clinic, these factors are weighed against each other to choose the best possible prosthesis material for you. 

The crown and bridge materials are broadly classified into 3 types:

  1. METAL: They are silver colored crowns and lack esthetics. Due to their strength, they were commonly used in back region of jaws until zirconia were introduced. 

  2. METAL CERAMIC/ PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL: They are one of the most widely used materials for crown and bridge. Porcelain is fired upon a metal substructure and the shades are matched according to your existing dentition. 

  3. ALL CERAMIC CROWNS/ FULL CERAMIC CROWNS/ METAL FREE CROWNS: As the name suggests they do not have any metal in them and are completely tooth colored. At Dr Bari Dental Clinic, our patients get different varieties of full ceramic crowns like Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate (emax) to choose from. These crowns are highly biocompatible (hence tissue friendly) and esthetic, with high fracture toughness. 

This makes them one of the most preferred crowns for front areas having esthetic demands as well for back regions where strength is the most important requirement.  Unlike Metal and Metal ceramic crowns, they do not have risks of allergies or gum irritation. Also being tooth colored, they do not cause the appearance of dark lines at the neck of the tooth which commonly occur with Metal ceramic crowns.

What are the various types of Ceramic crowns? Where can I get ceramic crowns in Pune? 

At Dr Bari Dental Clinic, our patients get different varieties of full ceramic crown options like Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate (emax crowns) and zirconia layered with emax,  to choose from.

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What are Zirconia Crowns? Where can I get Zirconia Crowns in Pune?

They are the strongest options for  full ceramic crowns available in dentistry. They are made of Zirconium Oxide block by digital technology called as CAD-CAM. You can get them made at Dr Bari Dental Clinic.

What are emax crowns (LITHIUM DISILICATE) ? Where can I get emax crowns in Pune?

Emax is the brand name for Lithium Disilicate, and is a material of choice in cases with high esthetic demand. It can be used as an individual crown material or layered on Zirconia for enhancing the esthetics. At Dr Bari Dental clinic, our dentists and lab technicians work in unison to get the best shades and esthetics for your emax crowns.

What are Zirconia crowns layered with emax? 

These crowns provide the best of both properties that is strength and esthetics to the patient. It has the strength and fracture toughness of Zirconia as well as the highly esthetic properties of Lithium Disilicate. 

Your search for ‘dentist near me‘ ends at Dr Bari Dental Clinic in Pune, where you get an assortment of best ceramic caps to choose from. For appointments, contact our front desk staff