Tooth Coloured Fillings

Silver amalgam vs composite resin fillings

Dental filling is a procedure where decay is removed from the tooth surface and replaced with a restorative dental material. Conventionally, Silver amalgam has been vastly used as a filling material in place of tooth decay.

With the advent of newer tooth colored filling materials, with high strength and esthetics, silver amalgam fillings are no longer recommended. Considering these facts, Cosmetic fillings or tooth colored fillings are restorations of choice at Dr Bari Dental Clinic, Pune.

Cosmetic fillings characteristically have high strength, high fracture toughness and impact strength and have undoubtedly one of the best esthetics. The overall uses of Cosmetic Fillings are as follows:

• Restoration of decay
• Replacement of old Silver Amalgam fillings
• Build up of fractured portions of the teeth
• Closing the gaps between teeth
• Altering the size, shape and color of teeth (Cosmetic Dentistry)

However, since the past few decades, as many as 28 countries worldwide have already banned or limited the use of silver amalgam as a filling material owing to its potentially toxic nature. Mercury absorption is found to be four times higher from mercury fillings.

At Dr Bari Dental Clinic, we have a vast assortment of shades for tooth colored fillings to choose from, to provide you with dazzling smiles.