What to expect during your first visit at Dr Bari Dental Clinic Pune?

Feeling anxious about how your first dental visit will go? Don’t worry we have it all sorted for you so there won’t be any surprises!

Patient Registration: 

Our receptionist will create a record of your name and contact details. 

You will be required to fill up a form regarding your dental and medical history and report about medication you are presently on, if any.

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation:

Your dentist will perform a thorough clinical examination of your teeth to look for any signs of decay, gums for any bleeding, swellings, pockets and deposits, any soft tissue lesions and temporomandibular joint problems.

The patient must put forth their complaints about  pain, sensitivity, cosmetic concerns etc. during the oral evaluation. 

X Rays:

Intraoral XRays are used for confirmative diagnosis and allows the dentist to perform a comprehensive dental examination. A number of underlying dental problems which may not be visible during the clinical examination will be detected during this step.

Sometimes complex clinical cases may require specialized imaging modalities like OPG, Lateral Cephalogram, CBCT, MRI for which you would be referred to an imaging centre.

X Ray imaging at our dental clinic is completely digital and so fast that you get the result within seconds. Also, it exposes our patients to minimal amount of radiation.

Oral Prophylaxis:

During Oral prophylaxis your teeth are thoroughly cleaned with ultrasonic scalers to remove built up tartar, food debris and calculus harbouring disease causing bacteria, from teeth that may cause gum disease, caries and bad breath.

The teeth are then polished using mild abrasives with rotary brushes and prophy cups  followed by fluoride application to strengthen the surface of teeth.

Treatment Scheduling:

A treatment plan is then formulated and explained to you by the dentist. Your next appointment is scheduled according to your availability. 

At Bari Dental we welcome all your queries and needs. Our Warm and caring staff is happy to take care of you and make you feel at home. For further queries, contact our front desk at +91-8530521125.