Root Canal Treatment in Pune

When do you need a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is the treatment of choice when the decay is at an advanced stage and involves the pulp/nerve of the tooth. The pulp inside the root canal of a tooth contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue which may become infected or inflamed due to bacteria and their by products. So, this situation has been inducing us to strive and save the natural tooth through root canal treatment. Dr Bari Dental Clinic provides the best Root canal treatment in Pune.

We at Dr Bari Dental Clinic in Pune focus upon providing excellent patient care for root canal treatment in Pune by incorporating latest technological advancements like rotary endomotor, apex locators and digital X Rays thereby reducing the patient’s discomfort, chair time and enhanced treatment quality at affordable cost, only at the hands of the best root canal dentists in Pune.

Do you need a single sitting Root Canal in Pune? How many appointments do you need for a Root Canal Treatment?

Single sitting Root Canal Treatment vs. Multiple visit Root Canal Treatment
Single sitting Root Canal Treatment offers many potential advantages compared to multiple sitting RCT. It is less time consuming hence more comfortable for the patient as well as the dentist. A single sitting root canal is indicated when the pulp is only superficially inflamed and the root canal undergoing the treatment is relatively free of bacteria. Conversely, if the pulp is necrotic and/or associated with peri radicular disease, the root canal system is infected. In these cases, the root canal dentist will opt for Multiple visit Root Canal Treatment.
When patients approach us for root canal treatment at our clinic, we always make sure to educate them about the necessity of root canal treatment. The root canal system is cleaned, an intracanal medication is placed, and the canal filled at the later visits. However, it must be realized that the option of single sitting and multiple sitting Root canal treatment in Pune is dependent upon specific clinical situations irrespective of the patient’s choice.



Why do you need a crown after root canal treatment?

A significant amount of tooth structure is damaged due to caries, drilling and gaining access to the canal during a root canal procedure. A dental crown is placed in the root canal treated tooth to provide reinforcement thus restoring the original form and function of the tooth.

Does every root canal treated tooth require a crown?

Typically a crown is required in most cases on the back teeth (molars and premolars) after a root canal treatment as they are prone to heavy masticatory forces. In the front teeth, the situation is assessed by your dentist after the root canal treatment is over, and decision is made after analyzing the remaining  sound tooth structure.

What are the different restorative materials (Post obturation filling) used following a root canal treatment at Dr Bari Dental Clinic in Pune?

root canal treatment filling and crown

A post obturation restoration is required following a root canal treatment to seal the root canals and prevent leakage of oral fluids into the treated root canal system. Failing to do this may cause re-infection and failure of root canal treatment. The temporary filling is replaced with a post obturation restoration. The restorative materials used for this is either a Composite Resin or Glass Ionomer Cement (Type 9). 

Composite Resin cement is the most ideal restorative material following a root canal treatment. It has high compressive strength, prevents micro leakage from the sides of the cavities and mechanically bonds to the tooth structure. It is non soluble in the saliva and hence a preferred restorative material where extensive build ups of the crown structure is required post root canal treatment.

Glass Ionomer Cement may be used in cases with minimal tooth structure loss. However, its physical properties are inferior to Composite resin material. 

What is a crown lengthening procedure? Do I need crown lengthening procedure?

Crown lengthening is a short surgery, mostly bloodless, that involves reshaping the gums to expose more tooth surface present beneath it. Exposure of tooth provides more surface area to hold the cap after a root canal treatment. Many times the size of sound and natural tooth to hold a cap could be compromised following destruction due to enormous decay or short sized tooth. In such cases your dentist may suggest you to get a crown lengthening procedure done before getting a cap seated.

What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment in Pune ?

The cost of Root canal treatment at Dr Bari Dental Clinic in Pune ranges from Rs 4,500 to Rs 10,000 depending upon complexity of the case, and chronicity of infection. 

To know more about Root Canal treatment in Pune, schedule an appointment at Dr  Bari Dental Clinic in Sinhagad Road Pune. Our specialists will answer all your questions related to Root Canal treatment.

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