Laser Dentistry

Lasers are one of the greatest technological boons to Dentistry. Laser is a small beam of light which is used to cut or destroy the tissue with high grade of precision and minimal patient discomfort. It is a major scientific breakthrough that has made bloodless and painless surgeries possible.

The small size of the high power density of LASER makes us possible to perform surgeries with added precision than the conventional techniques without injuring the surrounding tissues. In addition to this LASERs have a property of causing surface decontamination by destroying the microbes which maintains a sterile operative field, unlike conventional modalities.

At Dr Bari Dental Clinic, LASERs are commonly used for the following procedures:

• Crown Lengthening:Crown Lengthening may be required in cases of short clinical crowns to improve the overall esthetics or the retention of crowns. At Dr Bari Dental Clinic, we perform this procedure with utmost precision by LASER.

• Gum Contouring

• Gum depigmentation:Blackened gums depigmented by LASER

• Flap surgery for gums:Periodontal flap surgeries required in cases of infected gums and underlying bone can be smoothly carried out by LASER

• Root canal disinfection

• Teeth Bleaching:Fastest and the most effective way to get your teeth whitened

• Excision of Pathological tissue mass:Painless surgery with minimal discomfort and bleeding