lower jaw x ray of impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth surgery in Pune

Dr Bari Dental Clinic provides you a painless wisdom tooth surgery in Pune at affordable prices. Wisdom tooth, also called as the third molar are the last molars in the oral cavity which erupt at a later age. They mostly erupt between 17-25 years of age. 

Due to crowding of already existing teeth or smaller jaw size wisdom teeth frequently do not get enough space to emerge and hence may grow at an angle to the adjacent teeth. They are called impacted wisdom teeth. 


What are the common symptoms associated with impacted wisdom teeth?

Not all impacted wisdom teeth show symptoms. Symptoms appear mostly due to infection and damage to the surrounding structures (teeth, gums and bone).

The most common signs and symptoms are as follows:

  • Pain in the jaws
  • Reduced mouth opening
  • Swelling on the affected side of jaw
  • Swelling and pain below the lower jaw
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Repeated gum infections
  • Pain or sensitivity in adjacent tooth

What are the problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth?

Decay of adjacent tooth: If the impacted wisdom tooth is at an angle to the adjacent tooth, it might induce pressure upon it causing decay of the sound adjacent molar. Sometimes these decay may be on the root surface and difficult to treat and may warrant removal of the adjacent tooth too.

Decay of wisdom tooth: Wisdom teeth erupting in the direction of the cheek or partially erupted impacted wisdom teeth have a high risk of decay due to difficulty in cleaning in the area.

Gum problems: Impacted or partially erupted teeth are difficult to clean increasing the risk for a common inflammatory condition called Pericoronitis. It is characterized by pain, swelling and reduced opening of jaw in the wisdom tooth area.

Crowding of other teeth: Pressure due to wisdom teeth may cause crowding of teeth and may require braces treatment to get them aligned.

Cysts: In rare cases, a cyst may appear around the wisdom tooth  that can damage the jawbone, adjacent teeth and nerves.

What is the treatment for impacted wisdom tooth?

Impacted wisdom teeth that show symptoms of pain or discomfort or cause other dental complications are usually removed. However, sometimes a removal may be advised even in the absence of any symptoms to avoid future complications. 

Dr Bari Dental Clinic provides you a painless wisdom tooth surgery in Pune at the hands of highly trained and efficient surgeons.

 What investigations do I need for wisdom tooth surgery in Pune?

In most of the cases an intraoral X ray would suffice for . In some cases, an OPG (full mouth x ray) could be required to study the position of the tooth and analse its proximity to important structures like the nerves and maxillary sinus. In rare cases, a CBCT record could be required.

Can a wisdom tooth be removed even if it not having any symptoms?

Wisdom tooth without any symptoms may be removed in some cases like-

  1. When wisdom teeth cause or increase the crowding in developing front teeth
  2. Wisdom teeth may be extracted before fabrication of a denture or implant supported prosthesis
  3. Before travelling abroad where wisdom teeth surgery is not easily accessible 
  4. Wisdom teeth with high risk of causing problems in the future

What are some other surgical procedures available at Dr Bari Dental Clinic Pune?

Extraction or pulling out the tooth are the commonest oral surgical procedures carried out at our clinic. They may be required in the following cases:

  1. Teeth with mobility following gum and bone disease
  2. Teeth with completely fractured crown, deep cavities which cannot be restored
  3. Teeth with fractured root
  4. Teeth with large amount of infection
  5. Over retained milk teeth in adults
  6. Retained milk teeth beyond age in children
  7. Infected teeth excessive bone loss
  8. Teeth interfering with braces treatment
  9. Impacted wisdom teeth
  10. Teeth associated with cysts and tumors

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