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Bari dental clinic is one of the best dental clinic in Pune. Our Clinic boasts of an ultramodern setup committed towards providing the best in class dental treatments at affordable costs in Pune. Personalized patient care is what distinguishes us from the rest of the dental clinics in Pune. The environment of Bari dental clinic in Pune has always been oriented towards quality patient care with highest standards of hygiene and stress free treatment experience. We aim at providing the most effective, painless, world class services using advanced equipment, graced with personal care in a friendly environment.

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Everything you need to know about Post & Core


Post and core

Why is post and core needed?

A post and core procedure may be needed sometimes before placing a crown.

A great deal of crown/cap stability depends on the remaining natural tooth structure that extends into its interior. If very little sound tooth structure occupies this space, the crown will be easily dislodged. The core build up is rebuilding the tooth closer to its original dimensions so that the overlying crown is stable and long lasting. 

What is a post and core procedure?

Post and core procedure is required to retain a crown in cases where a tooth has lost a significant amount of its original structure to decay or trauma. The loss of tooth structure compromises the support of the crown and hence the longevity of the tooth.

Post and core comprises of two physical parts: 

A Post, which is a small rod-like structure that goes inside the canal of a root canal treated tooth. 

A core, which is an extension of the post outside the tooth and supports the crown of the tooth.

The post helps mechanically retain the core and the crown of the tooth  by taking support from inside of the tooth’s root.

How is the need for a Post and core procedure assessed?

In a decayed tooth, the need for a Post and core is assessed after removing the entire decay on the tooth. The remaining natural tooth structure is then examined. If the remaining natural tooth structure is inadequate to provide support and stability to the final crown, then a post and core is indicated in such a case before a crown is fabricated.

What are the types of Post materials available at Dr Bari Dental Clinic?

Dr Bari Dental Clinic provides various options for Post and core in Pune. We commonly use fiber reinforced esthetic posts the procedure for which is completed in single sitting. Custom made metal posts are also available which take minimum 2 appointments to fabricate at an interval of 3-4 days. 


Types of post materials

What is the Success rate in Post and core? 

The procedure is successful in over 90% of cases.

What are the potential risks in Post and core?

  1. Root fracture
  2. Root canal failure (it is difficult to repeat root canal treatment once the post is in place)
  3. Post coming out

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