Sensitivity in tooth & tooth pain

Tooth pain could be a terrible experience if its cause is not detected in time which could delay the treatment. The various types of tooth pains could be throbbing, dull, gnawing, sharp, shooting, pain while lying down.

  1. Momentary sensitivity to hot and cold foods: It persists for a very short time. Mostly the sensitivity occurs as long as the hot or cold food is in contact with the tooth. This type of pain could be because of minor decay, loose filling or root exposure due to slight gum recession.
  2. Sharp pain while biting food: It could be because of a deep decay, crack in the tooth, loose filling. Pain occurs as there could be a possibility of pulpal damage.
  3. Constant and severe Pain and pressure, swelling of gum: This pain occurs as a result of infection of the root canal system and abscess in the tooth. In such cases the infection spreads to the surrounding tissue and bone causing swelling and pus discharge.
  4. Dull ache and pressure in upper teeth and jaw: It may occur due to bruxism – tooth grinding which may cause sinus headaches and associated pain in the face and teeth.
  5. Pain and Sensitivity after dental fillings: some patients may have a pain and sensitivity in the teeth treated for dental fillings. If it does not subside, contact your dentist to get it checked.
  6. Pain in gums: Pain in gums occurs when the gums are infected, inflamed or swollen. Also, food lodgment inside the gums may cause dull aching pain.